Snake Charming for Beginners

by Errbufferoverfl

Snake-charming is an age-old practice of hypnotizing snakes by playing and waving a murli - in the modern day this practice looks much different, equipped with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a clackity keyboard and a trusty guide we'll be taking you through how you can effectively charm Python 3.6.

On the first day of our trek through the dense jungles of Pythonia we will be looking at how to build a simple sub-domain enumeration tool and how to get started building simple exploits - for those who have trekked these paths before - extra challenges will await you. 

Day two we will move further into the dark jungles of Pythonia delving into forbidden user-land territory and how you can use Python to gather useful system-level information, and contact the UNIX daemons of old.

While writing this training description, errbufferoverfl wrote two Python fan fictions, the next cyber-themed Hollywood blockbuster and Shakespearian a play about the training.

Who will benefit the most from this course

This training has been developed for beginners and intermediate Python (3.6) users and will focus on going at your own pace. For those just starting out, there will be a thirty-minute primer course on day one to bring you up to speed with the Python development environment, syntax and basic functions. All training material will be provided two weeks before training starts and will be made avaliable after the training. errbufferoverfl will be avaliable to answer any questions, before and on the day.

All participants will be provided with a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS "Bionic Beaver" Virtual Machine provided as an OVA with PyCharm Community Addition (avaliable for free from - this is to ensure a consistent development environment so you can focus less on setup and more on charming snakes.

About the Trainer

Errbufferoverfl has been a Python developer for five years  and a security consultant for three years of them. She is a strong believer of tabs over spaces and the importance of free and open-source software. She loves good looking code, poisonous plants and spending time dreaming up new security tools that occasionally get published.


In her spare time she likes adding enamel badges to denim jackets and patting white cats wearing all black (wild we know).

If left unattended too long she will resume her Pavlovian style security training.


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