The panellists

For Friday afternoon's panel - the panel aims to cover everything from issues in security to issues in diversity and everything in between!

Kylie McDevitt

Kylie is currently Director of Emerging Technology and Engineering. She is responsible for leading applied research into emerging technologies as well as providing input into security advice for early adopters. Kylie studied Engineering at ANU in the late 90s, has a Masters in Computer Networking with CSU, several industry qualifications and is also an adjunct lecturer with UNSW Canberra. Kylie worked as a Senior Engineer for Telstra in MobileNet and later testing emerging protocols in Cellular Engineering, before moving into security in 2009. She is the co-organiser and founder of BSides Canberra, the largest computer security conference in Australia and co-owner of Canberra’s hackerspace – InfoSect. Kylie has presented research at the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) conference, BSides Canberra, WAHCKon, CrikeyCon and Christchurch HackerCon (CHCon).

Lilly Ryan

Lilly Ryan is a pen tester, Python wrangler, and recovering historian from Melbourne. She writes and speaks internationally about ethical software, social identities after death, teamwork, and the telegraph. More recently she has researched the domestic use of arsenic in Victorian England, attempted urban camouflage, reverse engineered APIs, wielded the Oxford comma, and knitted a pair of warm socks.

Cath Wise

Cath Wise is a technologist who has seen security change dramatically over many years. She remembers when the Internet was text-based and has a soft spot for mainframes and green screens. Starting out as a system tester, she has also tackled system design and solution architecture amongst many other technical roles, with deep Schemes, Cards and Payments expertise. 

She has extensive mentoring and people leadership experience and is passionate about education and sharing knowledge to help people be more secure. 

Cath is currently the Chapter Lead for the Security Behaviours and Influence Team at ANZ.

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