Hoodie, hoodie dress, t-shirt and scarves!

Hoodies and t-shirts are pre-order only for pick up at the conference.

Hoodies dresses will be available at the conference in limited numbers (no pre-orders sorry) 

To order, send money to our paypal at by the 7th Apr with a description of which garment you want and the size. We are only taking pre-orders for the hoodie and t-shirt.

If you want merch mailed to you in Australia, a single item will be $9.95 and for more than 1 item it will be $14.95.

Pre-Order Only



AsColor Index Zip Hoodie (black)

Cost: $65

AsColor Mali Tee (black)

Cost: $35

Available at Conference

Hoodie Dress

Hoodie dress (black)

  • Sizes in inches

  • Only 40 available

Cost: $55

Square Scarf

Silk Scarf w/ Hand roll finish

  • Will act as conference badge

  • 90cm x 90cm

Cost: Free

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