Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

By Negar and Noushin Shabab

The 2-day training will consist of 20 percent theory and 80 percent hands-on practices.

Our course will cover the basics of x86 assembly language, .NET and also some scripting concepts. You will learn how to analyse malwares with different formats; C/C++, .NET, Scripts, PDF and Doc.

Apart from these different file types, we will also learn how to analyse different types of ransomware and shellcode.

At the end of this 2-day course you will be fully familiar with the malware analysis and reverse engineering best practices and ready to start your new research projects or continue on on your existing ones with broader perspectives.

Who will benefit the most from this course 

Malware analysts, threat researchers, security engineers, forensic analysts, incident responders and anyone who is interested in binary analysis or binary challenges in CTF competitions. For anyone worried about having the prerequisite knowleadge for this course, pre-course material will be sent out to students 2 weeks before training and will include the fundamentals of different malware types and common approaches to malware analysis; static analysis and dynamic analysis. There will also be a 30 minute primer on day 1 for any student with questions.

About the Trainers


Negar is an application security consultant with PS&C Group. She works on implementation of security practices into DevOps pipeline with a focus on automation. She is part of a software development project which aims at providing assistance throughout the entire process of security consultancy. Negar is also assisting the team in providing code review on clients’ source codes and also running security workshops. Before joining PS&C Group she was a senior malware analyst and security software developer. She has worked across the full life cycle of multiple security software products often working in 

senior and lead roles. She has extensive experience developing anti-malware software modules and security applications for the Windows operating systems.

Noushin is an active speaker at different conferences, some examples are INTERPOL World, Singapore 2017, Ruxcon, Australia 2017, BSides Wellington 2017, WICME 2017, Security Analyst Summit(SAS) 2018, Mexico and AusCERT2018 Conference in Australia.

Noushin is a senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab specialising in reverse engineering and targeted attack investigations. Her research focuses on advanced cyber criminal activities and targeted attacks. Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab, Noushin used to work as a senior malware analyst and software developer with first-hand knowledge of rootkit analysis, detection                techniques and APT attack investigations.


Negar and Noushin remain active in the local cyber security community in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of APAC by attending and delivering technical presentations and workshops at various security conferences and events and also by contributing in different projects aiming at bridging the skill gap in the industry.

Negar and Noushin are also members of the Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN) which aims to support and inspire women in the Australian security industry.

@negarshbb @noushinshbb

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