Why 0xCC?

0xCC is hex for a breakpoint, I found it extremely useful when I was learning how to create buffer overflows and I think it represents what I want the conference to be. It's technical, neutral, you didn't know it existed but it has been game changingly helpful ever since. 

Why women only?

Women make up so little of the industry so we hope this would provide a space to learn, inspire, collaborate and talk.

Tackling the gender imbalance isn't an easy task, there are many issues and many different opinions on approach the issues but we firmly believe learning, training and getting experience is an important step in the right direction.

We also believe that having an open forum to discuss issues will lead to more a more thought out, mature and well rounded understanding of issues as well as encourage people to action on issues.


Am I welcome?

It seems silly that I have to have this in the FAQ but someone pointed it out... the real question is do you identify as a woman? If so, you are more than welcome to come!

We don't care about your age, background or anything else, that's none of our business and frankly no one should care. As long as you're keen to learn that's all we ask! :D

I'm a beginner but I really like the sound of a track...

Enrol for it! We will be sending out a reading list to cover your foundations and a bit more at least 2 weeks before the conference starts and there will be a 30 minute primer on day 1 for anyone who has any questions. We are also more than happy to answer questions before hand so get keen!

Travel is expensive...

It really is! We can't guarentee you a grant but we can promise to do out best to raise as much funding as we can for it!

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