In 2017, a study showed that women only make up 11% of the Cybersecurity workforce. We hope to create an environment that'll support all women in the industry whether they are starting out or already established.

0xCC is an infosec training conference by women for women between the 26th to 27th of April. We hope the conference brings together people's love for infosec and helps the newbies find that love too!

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0xCC is a free event, click below to see the wonderful companies and individuals who are helping make this conference a reality!

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0xCC is free because we don’t think financial situations should be a barrier to inclusion, but that also means we need to rely on the community for help and every bit counts!

The training you can look forward to!

The courses

If there is a course that looks interesting but you're not sure you have the prerequisite knowledge, rest assured that everyone will receive pre-course material at least a fortnight before their training and there will be a 30 minute primer at the start of day 1 for anyone with questions. We'll also be happy to answer questions before the conference!


This year we will have hoodies, t-shirts, hoodie dresses and square silk scarves for conference merchandise. 

Hoodies and t-shirts are pre-order only. 

Hoodie dresses and scarves will be available to purchase at the conference only.

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Hands on Web App Penetration Testing
By Pam O'Shea

Web application testing is arguably the main type of testing any tester will do and where most testers start. Pam, a tester who's also a lecturer at RMIT and owns her own security consultancy is here to make you run some keyboard miles learning web application testing. This introductory course will run you through everything from OSINT, to XSS, SQLi, deserialisation attacks and more! 

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Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering
By Negar and Noushin Shabab

Malware attacks have been in the news recently but ever wonder what's under the hood? Negar and Noushin, both with background in either malware analysis, security research, application security and or software development are here to shed some light into how different malware work by teaching you how to pull them apart and what to look for in analysis.


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Snake Charming for Beginners
By errbufferoverfl

Ever spent hours manually doing something only to think "Surely there is someway I can over-engineer a solution that will do this for me?" Well have we got news for you! errbufferoverfl, a security consultant and Python developer who has previously presented at the PyCon Security and Privacy mini-track and OWASP AppSec day will be teaching you how you can serve up useful security tools and exploits with a sprinkle of good coding and debugging practices.


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Secure development
By Laura Bell

Software security vulnerabilities are big business for potential attackers. Identifying them early and knowing what common pitfalls to avoid can make a big difference to the resilience of your applications. Laura brings a wealth of knowleadge sharing her knowleadge at conferences such as Kiwicon, BlackHat USA, Linux Conf AU, being the co-author of Agile Application Security and regularly writing for publications. This course will run you through everything from secure software development to threat assessment and code review. 
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Level 11, 123 Queen Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

26 - 27 Apr 2019

All tickets are free but seats are limited so don't dally.

2 days, 4 training courses, choose your favourite course and let's roll!

If you think you'll have issues getting to the con, you can also apply for a grant, we'll do out best to get the funding!

We hope to see you there!



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